Watching old Mythbusters- Jamie has a nice doublecab.

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Kramer’s LA KG

Seinfeld fans will remember Kramer’s good choice in California cruisers.

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1960 Singlecab Truck

Here are a couple pics of my buddy Joe’s 1960 Singlecab. All new and well worth it.Joe-Singlecab-front


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Dirty Harry

Since I love Harry Calahan movies and Volkswagens, here’s a couple quick clips featuring both.

Scorpio knocks this mid-60s Beetle off the road in San Fran.

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Bus wreck

Clip from Magnum Force. If you look closely you’ll see that this Bus was already smashed when Harry Callahan hits it. They probably bought it for peanuts from an insurance company. It’s hard to see for sure but it looks like a 1965-67 Sunroof Deluxe.

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Mr. Wilson and a BIG VAN

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Golf-Vanagon conversion parts

UPDATE: sale pending. I will leave the photos up for reference if anyone else is collecting these parts.

Nice collection of diesel Vanagon parts. All the important stuff to bolt a Golf engine into a Vanagon. Email me if you are interested.

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Wheels & Wings

Wheels & Wings is coming up quick- Saturday, September 6th. Please bring Volkswagens!

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Pedal assembly hints

I installed a new EMPI (Chinese) pedal assembly recently. Quality was far from German but not a bad unit overall. I like the addition of a grease zerk. Two things I modifed before installing- I tack welded the brake plunger boss. It is a press fit and was a little crooked. Better safe than sorry. Also, I drilled a couple small holes on the clutch finger to use a piece of safety wire to keep the cable on while wiggling it into position.

IMG_0702 IMG_0703

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It Lives!

Here is my friends 73 Beetle. This has not moved under its own power for 20+ years. Until today.  She’s a peach. (It’s animated- click the pic)


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